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Marakonsulting SARL constantly monitors the web and the various sources of public information available to all with the aim of offering information as much updated as possible.

The information is entered into our systems using a set of criteria and are then displayed in the search results of

As functionality is similar to other search engines, like Google, Bing etc .... that collect data and then display it in their search results. On there are also companies that have been added by their owners or employees through the system of free registration.

If your business has closed or if for another reason you want to remove from click on the link "delete" present on your business page and complete the form with the required data. Our team will check your request and you will receive an email notification when they have been processed.

Privacy Policy for users

Users of our online service will now defined by users.
This privacy policy is the explanation of how we use the personal information. If you use one of our services to find companies, this Privacy Policy applies to you, we inform you that we do not collect information about users than those required for the use of cookies. For more information on how we use cookies and how to choose to use them, please see Privacy Cookies

Privacy policy for advertisers

This section of the privacy policy is the explanation about our use of personal information of our advertisers. If you advertise with us this section is intended to you.

  1. To provide the services free listing you need to gather some information about you, but if you do not want to share your information, we inform you that you may have limited access to certain areas of the site

  2. The information we collect to become advertisers are those who are at: they can also be used for surveys of opinion on products, services and for marketing purposes.

  3. Why we need your e-mail address.
    When you register on collect your e-mail address. It is necessary for the administrator account and for added security. We may use your e-mail address to send a confirmation of any order or reservation fee, for information about our products or services and to confirm or change the account profile created. We may also use your e-mail to inform you of changes effectively carried out, to inform you of our new services and / or special offers.

  4. For purposes of direct marketing, see point 5) and 6).
  5. How we will use information we collect about you Whenever you give us your personal information, legally we have to use it in accordance with the terms of various privacy laws.

  6. When you order our products or services

    If advertisers are customers of our products or services, your data will be used primarily to provide products, services or information you requested. We store information for multiple purposes, including:

    • Accounting, billing and auditing;
    • Credit check or screening;
    • Debt collection;
    • Security, administrative and legal;
    • Analyzes and statistics, for market research and marketing;
    • For a better site development, testing and maintenance systems;
    • Research and development.

    We may disclose your information to one or more organizations listed in section 6 entitled "Who we may share your personal information with."

    If you want to stop receiving messages direct marketing you can contact us here to unsubscribe.

    Denying permission for the purposes of direct marketing there will still allow the use of your data and the ability to contact you to confirm and proceed the fulfillment of orders or for administration purposes. If you have previously denied permission for the use of your data for direct marketing purposes and have changed your mind and wish to receive news from us, information and special offers you can subscribe at any time; just log in to your account and change marketing preferences in your profile.

  7. Who we may share your personal information with

    We may share the information with other companies, organizations or associations to provide products, services or information for marketing purposes.

    The company with whom we share your information are:

    • Other companies within our group;
    • Data processing companies;
    • Advertising agencies or working in the field of direct marketing;
    • Research students, universities and other research and development;
    • Government and police

    If at the time of collection you will not expressly deny the permission for the sale to third parties, please note that can be sold and marketed to other companies for marketing purposes. If you do not want to receive direct marketing by these companies, please notify.

    Every so often, we receive requests for information from government departments, the police and other law enforcement agencies. If this happens, and there is an adequate legal basis for their personal information, we will provide the organization who requests it.

  8. How to keep the information up to date

    You can view and update your personal data quickly and easily, by accessing the

  9. How to keep your information safe

    The security of personal information is very important for us, we have a technology and security systems designed and manufactured to protect your personal information. We also follow strict procedures that will protect for the information you provide to us, and prevent access to unauthorized use.

  10. The use of cookies on our web sites and how you can not refuse

    Please read our Cookie Policy Statement for more information at the link Privacy Cookies

  11. Changes to privacy policy.

    We may change this privacy policy at any time, so please check each time you provide your personal information to verify or change the data in our possession.

  12. How to contact us about this privacy policy

    We welcome your questions, comments and inquiries on this privacy policy. Please contact here our Data Protection Officer.

Conditions of using our website

The company is Marakonsulting SARL which built and operates the site We are a limited company registered in Morocco and our head office is in 40110 Marrakech - Safi - Morocco The intellectual property rights of software, logos, data-based, design, text, graphics are owned by Marakonsulting SARL has databases drawn from sources of public consultation.

About These conditions

  1. Those who access or use any part of the site as a user accepts the conditions published here, if you do not accept these conditions we suggest you not to access or use the site.

  2. The conditions may change at any time without notice, so we gently ask the advertisers and theusers to check the conditions from time to time for any changes.

  3. Continuing to use the website you agree to any changes that may be made to these conditions.

  4. allows searching for companies providing goods and services and of organizations and associations, but reserves the right to restrict access to certain parts of the site to registered users only.

  6. If you are registered as advertisers please do not spread your credentials (log in, password), note that you are responsible for the content of any material or information provided during the registration date and that we reserve the right to disable any Account, in our sole discretion, deem unnoticed if the terms of use.

  7. We process the information published in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By using the you consent to the way we treat your personal data.

  8. You can not use the website:
    • For illicit purposes; damage, threats, abuse or harassment of third parties or not respecting someone's privacy or be (in our reasonable opinion) offensive or harmful;
    • To create, check, verify, update or modify their databases or third parties, disks, directories, customer lists, mailing lists or create;
    • Provide business information services;
    • As a source of material or contact for marketing activities;
    • Change, update or tamper with any part of the website;
    • Monitor or copy the Site or its contents;
    • Interfere or groped to interfere with the operation of the site.

  9. Material provided to Marakonsulting SARL
  10. If you become advertiser providing material and Infomation you agree to grant us permission irrevocably and free right to use the material and information at our discretion in any way, as we would like, on any website owned by us (including modification or adaptation to operational reasons or editorial) in any media throughout the world in our sole discretion by selecting the material that is sent to your property.

  11. Please choose carefully all the information that you want to publish on our website, as it will be available for public viewing. By providing the material for the ad on the website in order to be protected we use, guaranteed that the material complies with all legal requirements established under these conditions, and in particular that your material:
    • Is your own and that you are authorized to publish it;
    • It is not defamatory (ie does not damage the good reputation of third parties), not harassing, threatening, obscene, offensive, annoying, illegal;
    • Does not infringe the privacy rights of other people and the contractual rights of third parties;
    • It complies with the laws of England;
    • It complies with our policy of advertising;
    • It does not promote any illegal activity or racial;
    • Does not violate the copyright, the database right, trademark, privacy or other rights of third parties;
    • No messages to unfair competition;
    • It does not contain any viruses or other code that may damage, interfere with or otherwise adversely affect the operation of our website.

  12. declare that:
    • You have the right to grant permission to use the information you entered;
    • The material is intended to promote your business, products or services;
    • Do not make false statements, nor have to be taken possession of copyright, legal, third-party brands.

  13. You acknowledge that we have no obligation to publish the material provided and that we have the right to:
    • refuse materials submitted;
    • remove the material from the site, as if sent does not conform to our conditions;
    • Restrict, suspend or terminate your access to all or part of the site at any time.

  14. You agree that we may contact you for administrative purposes or to carry out tests on the material, for all the details you are requested to specify when and how we can contact you, and to see our Privacy Policy.

  15. If you do not want to grant the authorization referred to above, please do not provide any material to the site.

  16. We do not edit any reviews, comments or if you feel that the reviews do not comply with the requirements in these conditions, please notify us immediately; we will respond or you will be notified of the removal of the material within a reasonable time.


Please inspect the following:

  • You can use the site at your own risk;
  • We advise you to verify that the information is correct before you declare that you are suppliers and / or customers of the companies published here;
  • Ensure, when contacting the companies published here, that goods and services reflect your needs;
  • It is advisable to check the qualifications of people, companies and organizations that provide products or services.

We do not give guarantees on companies and published on the services or products offered by them; the website has information that we do not control and of which we are not responsible, we can not guarantee the reliability of businesses published.

Consultation is offered for free and we do not endorse or sponsor the products, services content; Also we can not guarantee the accuracy of the results and the correctness of all searches made through our websites.

Under no circumstances Marakonsulting SARL, its staff or that of any other organization involved in the creation, production, maintenance and / or distribution of the website will be responsible for the loss of:

  • Profits;
  • Work or business opportunities;
  • Loss of profit;
  • Starter;
  • Use of inaccurate or incorrect of the information.

The whole agreement

These conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and us in the manner of use of the website. If a court rules that a condition is not valid, it will be applied, however, the rest of the conditions.

Maps & directions

Use of maps, Street View and direction data Maps and directions are provided with the accuracy limits of the technology used to provide such maps, research and information.

All maps, research and the indications are displayed as they are proposed and how they are made available by Google.

Maps and locations are based on the combination of elements of address or parts of it to find the location of people, businesses and organizations the details of which are accessible with the execution of a search.

The positions returned may have limited accuracy, and sometimes may not match the real ones, we recommend that users check the exact location of the person, company or organization of interest.

By using the service you agree that neither "company name" or any of its employees, agents or service providers will be responsible to you or any third party for any errors, damage or other losses or claims arising from the consultation of maps.

Accessing third-party sites

While using you can access third-party sites through search results displayed on www.indirizzoazienda .com and links contained within These third party sites are not under the control Marakonsulting SARL that is not responsible for such sites or their contents.

All links on are only intended to give a greater service and do not imply any endorsement by Marakonsulting SARL. You acknowledge that the use of third-party sites is governed by the terms and conditions of use applicable to such sites and that Marakonsulting SARL is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for the accuracy, content, timeliness, completeness, legality, reliability, quality, suitability, marketability or the decency of any information, advice, content, services, products or goods contained in sites linked from

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